Biggest sounding one man band around” - Daddy Cool

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Ruben Reeves is a unique One-Man-Band Artist hailing from the southernmost tip of Tasmania Australia. The project began for this mid-twenties singer-songwriter in 2015 when regular band life became too much to handle. He lost his mind and went running into the forest. no one saw him for a while. But when he emerged he had a twinkle in his eye and a suitcase full of wisdom. He'd been up to something. And that something became more obvious when The Whaler, the longest standing bar of the Hobart party district took him on as the regular weekend act. Drunk people dancing spewing out the door and blocking the street every week for years. 696 live performances around the continent later, by 2020 this humble bluesman became a solo musical force unto his own. Playing alongside many notable acts on the Tasmanian leg of their tours, the headliners wouldn't always look at their humble supporter like they did with the others. They finally knew what Ruben already knows. How do you really grow up Big & Strange?

Achieving all of this was no simple feat. No loops and nothing fake to the way this man makes a full band sound, he plays the parts at once. The first instrument that makes this all possible comes from the custom-built foot drum set by farmer foot drums in Michigan U.S.A. the setup might be simple but Ruben can bust out the chops as if the drummer from Def Leopard removed his other arm in a bout of cocksure showmanship! The second stroke of irony comes from his self modified triple input guitar. Sporting three separate inputs, the first takes care of his acoustic guitar sound running straight off his resonator cones. The second operates off a super fat humbucker straight into a dirty British amp giving a full and dirty bluesy tone and the third channel comes from a custom-built two-pole bass pickup that runs through a sub-octave and into a rugged old bass amp. In the end, it means all the sound you usually get from a four-piece rock band comes straight off this well-rehearsed human octopus who has something to say. 
The songs are road-tested with sweat, celebration, irony, and purpose. Dancy, punky, rocky, bluesy, with a dash of instrumental finesse and spoken word. The Ruben Reeves “ONE MAN BAND” album redefines the solo genre with a fusion of roots styles of quality songwriting with enthusiastic social commentary. Once you listen, a song will stay with you.
Available on all Digital platforms, live performances & our online store from April 10, 2020.

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