"FUTURE" is the latest single of peace and love songs for the apocalypse from Ruben Reeves' Debut album "ONE MAN BAND" which was released in April of 2020 in the hight of the covid lockdown. Allot of musicians in Australia cancelled their tours and release plans while Ruben pushed forward in a strange land that in the wake of disease had put a ban on dancing. He discovered that it's impossible to successfully ban this basic bodily function and as he took his music to the front of your local rural supermarket the local people came down to express their funk and friction in any venue that would have them. This dancey, punky, roots number is road tested with sweat, celebration and irony. The rousing chorus line "The future has got some sort of disease" reflects societies tumble in the year 2020.

The video was recorded in the destroyed forests of southern Tasmania who's woods were harvested to build homes and represents the life and death cycle of life. Smashing and burning of a disused organ into the dirt only to have it push back with a new seed. The inevitability of life summed up and sung into catchy verses with a driving beat to take you all the way home down the midnight highway