Ruben Reeves

The Ruben Reeves Band

Brutally honest, post modern blues/punk for disturbed youth. If you've ever dreamed of giving it all up and moving to a hut in the forest this album is for you.

Track 1 No Rent. Raises the issue of youth housing and the frustration and difficulty faced by many young people today in affording good accomodation. With a upbeat skank and fat horn line, with a rousing chorus this is an ear worm tribute to living in a world with no rent. Track 2 is Mothers Fury. a story of an angry mother. Its a solid slide riff highlighted by some rousing harmonica from US Poet Young Dawkins. Dealing with the subject of childhood trauma is never easy but being able to groove to it can make sense no fury like your mothers fury. Track 3 .No Shoes. An upbeat dance anthem with a punkish edge about needing the freedom to have no shoes no phone no id no control. To shake off the modern worlds conformity and dance in bare feet because we don't need no shoes to party we've got enough soul as it is. Track 4 is End World a mid beat skankish ode to apocalypse thinking and the end of the world promises that plague society. from the e towering inferno into sample to the lilting Lie Lie Lie chorus this slow dance track of critical appraisal is all just a story for power and glory. Track 5 I reply on Sin. Is an ode to a minor blues of late night edge of despair warm n cold where sin is yr only friend. Featuring the tasteful musical saw of French Ships engineer shimmering in the night the songs knows we are all destined to walk this world alone just me sin and sorrow. track 6 Trouble and Joy. Upbeat blues slide tale of relationship ending badly. Battling the idiot wind, betrayal and lies. Burn me in water and drown me in flame. track 7 Grinder. medium temp acoustic ballad of an urban Icarus thats learning to fly, rebellious defiance and the spirit of those who try too hard. Track 8 Selling Used Fantasies. A collage of classical guitar instrumental and spoken word. A pst modern assemblage of curious metaphors and the ongoing absurdist desire for meaning in a meaningless imaginary world of burgers made of rainbows and rainbows made of burger, a balloon filled with wings. Have you heard?

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